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Specialist Recycling Projects


An industry initiative utilising a recycling levy on agricultural chemicals to ensure the responsible recycling of the drums containing them, drumMUSTER is now working well in Western Australia despite travelling down a rocky road in the beginning. CLAW Environmental is the major drumMUSTER processor in the state after impressing both drumMUSTER and local shire councils with its customer service and innovative mobile drum shredder.

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Expanded Polystyrene Collection Centre

CLAW Environmental is Western Australia's Official EPS Collection Centre, with support from Recycling Expanded Polystyrene Australia (REPSA). EPS foam's problem that has restricted it from being effectively recycled in the past, is its weight to volume ratio. While this is still an issue, CLAW's polystyrene compactor granulates and compacts the polystyrene into long blocks - enabling an average pallet to hold a tonne of processed project (quite a change!).

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Crate Recycling

In 2006, crate manufacturer Viscount Plastics outsourced its crate returns/recycling program that was previously done internally. As there are issues regarding crate deposits and reuse of damaged crates, CLAW Environmental was chosen to ensure that crates would be completely destroyed and clients' interests would be looked after. The rebate that Viscount Plastics offered for returned crates is also being continued by CLAW.
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Please keep checking this space for new recycling projects. To get a project up and running, please contact CLAW Environmental.

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